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My story

My Story

Hi my name is Patrick and I am a German born dancer/choreographer  I grew up dancing, with my family owning dance schools across Berlin. Both my parents are German championship winners and their passion for dance runs through me.  I moved to London after school and was trained by some of the best teachers in the world like Karen Hardy and Jason Gilkison. Since childhood I have competed and won numerous titles. This is when I was spotted by theatre producer Alan Harding. He approached my dance partner and I to join his project, the iconic show Strictly Ballroom Dancing back in 2005. Little did I know how that decision would changed my life... I did my first U.K. tour with this amazing production, where I learnt to take my passion from competition to the stage. I couldn’t believe I was touring with talented dancers and was getting paid for it. As you can imagine, competition life hadn’t paid the bills. Competing was still in my blood and I now had the funds to support developing my skills as a dancer and performer. Next my dance partner Sharna Burgess (some of you may know her from Dancing With the Stars in America) and I went to Australia to compete in the Australian Open. Australia was home to the legendary ballroom show ‘Burn The Floor’. Sharna and I went to watch the show and fell off our seats in pure glee.  After the competition, as fate would have it, we got approached by a cast member of ‘Burn the Floor’, which was taking the world by storm. We sent the producers Peta Roby an email showing our interest in dancing for the show and within days we were flown to Singapore for rehearsals! I guess some things are just meant to be as Sharna’s British visa expired the day we left. We signed up for a 2 month tour and ended up staying for nearly 6 years. I have performed in the world’s most iconic theatres and venues, but my favourites are Broadway and the glamorous London West End, where I’ve been lucky enough to perform not once but twice. I never thought this shy German boy will turn into a world touring dancer. It was truly the most magical time of my life.  Everything came to an end and in 2010 when I decided to leave the show to find new challenges. I went on to tour with several Strictly Come Dancing professionals as most of them had their own tours.  I danced for four years with Brendan Cole (License to Thrill, A Night to Remember), two years with Kevin and Karen Clifton ( An Evening with Kevin and Karen and their various dance tours) and most recently with Dianne Buswell, Chloe Hewitt and Amy Downden ( Here Come the Girls). I actually choreographed and directed the show, but more on that later.  Now, back to Burn the Floor, during my time with this show, my mentor and boss Jason Gilkison asked me if I wanted to assist him on a few projects and so I did. Those projects included three seasons on the American SYTYCD as well as a season on the Australian version. This started to develop my flare for creating choreography. If you don’t know of Jason Gilkison then just google him, he is an icon in our ballroom dance industry and has had a great influence in making Strictly Come dancing what it is today! But now back to me… ​ I can honestly say that I can count myself very lucky for the doors that have been opened to me because it is a tough industry to work in. I was assistant choreographer on Streetdance 2 3D the Movie starring Sofia Boutella and Falk Hentschel, my first experience on a movie set! Lucky for me I got to stay for a little longer in that environment when I took the train to Paris to work with the creative team on Dance Avec Les Stars, the French version of Strictly Come Dancing. I changed a movie set for a TV Set. It was a really great experience that I will never forget.  But home is London and my family is here, so I wanted to stay local and once again see what the universe had to offer. Et voila, in 2013 Jason called me and invited me to assist him on Strictly UK. ​ You may not know this, but at the time no dance show had a Director of Choreography, only Strictly UK. Jason became Director of Choreography and  I was his assistant. I was part of an entire team dedicated to supporting  the professional dancers of the Show! It was an amazing experience, probably one of the reason why I stayed with them for years.  2017 was my turn. Probably one of the most intense and most nerve wracking things I have ever done! I got to create my own numbers on the show. Little old me to create on the number 1 TV show the U.K. has to offer. I gotta admit I was petrified, because most of the people that are choreographing on Strictly had either already won Olivier Awards, Emmys or had their own Westend show running ! But lucky for me everyone seemed happy with the result , phew ! ​ 2019 turned out to be another exciting year for me. I was working on the Rip It Up Westend Production, starring Louis Smith, Aston Merrygold, Jay McGuiness and Harry Judd. Because I had worked over the years with them on Strictly, it felt a bit like a reunion. But later in the year I got the opportunity to work on the biggest project i ever had to do to date: Creating a show from scratch. Choreograph it, dance in it, and direct it as well! Obviously I couldn't say no to that. especially when i heard that it was to be the first ever all girls tour for our Strictly Come Dancing Stars, Dianne Buswell, Chloe Hewitt and Amy Downden! So in March 2019 the show "Here come the Girls" went on U.K. Tour. Even though I had been on several national tours, this was by far probably the most important one in my life. The first time I was told that we were SOLD OUT was just an incredible feeling and something that I will ever be grateful for.





Step and Sweat

I created Step and Sweat back in 2017. Initially it was something fun for my friends who wanted to learn ballroom, keep fit and giving the feeling of a proper workout without going to the gym. I love how this little project is blossoming into fitness classes combining my passion for dance and wellbeing.  


My choreography for the class is based around movements from the Ballroom and Latin world. You will learn basic dance steps like the Jive, Salsa or the WaltzEveryone works at their own pace, with me giving gentle encouragements to move those hips a little more in a fun, non judgemental environment. 

So, if you are tired of lifting weights at the gym but still feel the need to exercise then this might be just what you need. Dance yourself into a healthier-self and join me at one of my Step and Sweat Classes.

I have 4 classes per week running 

Tuesday 7.30pm-8.15pm

Location:Ridgeway Academy ( entrance via Appletree Way), WGC, AL72FE

Wednesday 7.30pm-8.15pm 

Location: Artdepot, Nether Street, N120GA


Thursday 7.15pm-8pm

Location: Artsdepot, Nether Street, N120GA 

Saturday 11am-11.45am

Location: Woodhall Community Centre, Mill Green Road WGC, AL7 3XD

MOST classes are currently running online as well as at Location


It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner of any age, or all ready a more advanced competitor. My varied and respected career, choreographing for well known dancers ( Brendon Cole, Dianne Buswell, Amy Dowden, Robin Windsor and more) has provided me with the skills and the knowledge to help you achieve your goal.


You can either enquire for some of my group classes or just book a private lesson for one on one tuition. 


Please contact me if you would like to talk anything through.


It is scientifically proven that dancing and gymnastics contribute to a better well being.

The german concept Agilando combines fun, concentration, coordination and stamina. It has been created by physiotherapists and dance teachers.

The focus point is not couples dancing but movements from the ballroom and latin world whilst maintaining a rhythm without having to learn difficult choreography.

This Class is 45 min long and involves learning and repeating a combination of easy  dance moves and cool down at the end.

Thursdays: 10am-10.45am Location:Panshanger Community Center, Moors Walk, WGC,AL72BQ



Dec 11 - Dec 17















Our Services

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


more videos to follow...







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